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Hi and welcome to Bootkidz. Scooters are great for outdoor exercise. We've recently updated this page with links to best selling scooters available from Internet retailers.

Where can I buy children's scooters?

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About Scooters

"Push-scooters" or "kick-scooters" - teach balance, keep children fit, and teach important road safety and traffic awareness skills. Children should practise riding their scooters in safe places, like enclosed parks away from traffic. A scooter can have two or three wheels. Two-wheel scooters or in-line scooters are usually for older children, whereas three-wheel scooters are for younger children as these require more balance and stability. Three-wheelers are easier to balance on. Choose a scooter with sturdy construction, soft handles, and wheels with good grip. Some scooters have flashing lights and take batteries. Helmet, knee and elbow pads are advised. Children under eight should be supervised at all times. For more safety information relating to push-scooters consult this scooter safety webpage.


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Kick Push Plastic Hub Scooter Wheels (2 Pack), Neon Green, 100mm

  • 2 wheels with bearings
  • Measures 100mm in diameter
  • Fits most kick scooters
  • 88a Hardness for longevity
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Razor Jr. Lil' Kick Scooter

  • Three-wheeled scooter
  • Extra-wide, slip-resistant deck
  • Handlebar pad
  • Extra-large wheels
  • Weight limit: 45 lbs
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$44.99 $34.95
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