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About Display Stands

Display stands are used to display products or services at trade and exhibition shows.

Where can I buy display stands?

See the variety of display stands available for purchase on

For visitors from the USA and Canada see this list of decorative display stands for the home here and this list of acrylic (see-through) display stands.

See this list of plastic display stands for dispensing leaflets and brochures by Taymar. See this list of display stands from Deflecto.

Brochure and Leaflet Display Stands

Use display stands to highlight product brochures or leaflets and to sell greeting cards or postcards at the entrance of your shop or expo unit.

Rotating Greeting card and Tourist Photo stands

Rotating stands are placed outside shops and at entrances for the purpose of attracting or keeping the attention of passers-by. Have you ever stopped to turn a birthday card stand to view the different birthday cards. Maybe your curiosity made you spin the stand around to see what other cards were on sale?

Educational Display Stands

Education display systems are used in shops to attract the attention of customers. People like browsing books and these products are ideal for increasing the time customers spend in shops.

Display Units

MyGift 3-Tier Clear Acrylic Semicircle Round Cupcake Dessert Display Stand

  • An innovative and modern small acrylic multipurpose display stand.
  • Tiers can be placed in a full circular display, semicircle display or separated and arranged individually.
  • A spectacular stand for highlighting your store goods or use at home to display cosmetics, cupcakes, spice jars and more.
  • Official MyGift product**
  • SPECS: Overall - 15.8 W X 7.9 H x 6.3 D. Small Riser - 6.25 W X 6.5 H X 3 D. Medium Riser - 11 W X 4.25 H X 5.5 D. Large Riser - 15.75 W X 2.5 H X 8 D (in inches)
$25.99 $24.99
Last change:20/12/2019

Rustic Cupcake Stand - Wooden Retail Table Display. Wood Cake Stand Display Table. Product, Food, Dessert, Pastry, Cookie, Merchandise, Market, Donut, Craft Show Tabletop Riser by Hallops

  • CUPCAKE DISPLAY: 4 tiers for displaying all your delicious deserts and food assortments.
  • FARMHOUSE RUSTIC DESIGN: Distressed finished wood to complement your home or retail space.
  • SUSTAINABLE & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Our suppliers are approved by the Forest Stewardship Council
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Easy assembly with wood joints and pre-drilled holes for screws.
  • PERFECT SIZE: Each shelf is 17.25" x 4.5". Total Height of 14".
Last change:20/12/2019

MyGift 4-Tier Whitewashed Wood Stair Shelf & Display Riser

  • SHABBY CHIC SHELF: Antique-inspired freestanding wooden shelving riser with 4 shelves and whitewash finish.
  • VINTAGE INSPIRED DECOR: A distressed weathered finish adds vintage charm to this display stand.
  • 4-TIER DISPLAY: Four cascading tiers allow multiple items to be showcased at once without obscuring views.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Can be used to display merchandise in a retail setting, potted plants in a garden, pastries in a bakery or everyday decor in a home.
  • SPECS: 20.5 H × 20.5 W × 19.9 D; Each Shelf - 20.5 W × 4.5 D (in inches).
Last change:09/05/2019

MyGift Cascading 4-Tier Rustic Torched Wood Retail Display Riser, Decorative Merchandise Stand

  • Wooden commercial display riser in rustic torched wood finish
  • Features 4 cascading risers perfect for displaying desserts, appetizers, jewelry, makeup, perfume, collectibles and so much more
  • Provides over 80 square inches of display area per tier
  • Due to the nature of wood, imperfections or variations in wood grain or color will vary
  • Approximate Dimensions (in inches): 19.7 H × 20.5 W × 20.5 L; Tier Length - 4.5; Between-Tier Height - 3.9
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Last change:09/05/2019

MyGift 3-Tier Vintage Metal & Wood Produce Stand with Chalkboard Signs

  • Produce display stand with scrollwork black metal design, blackboard sign and tray labels, and wooden trays **Chalkboard not recommended for use with liquid chalk**
  • 3 removable trays feature handles and an angled design to create optimal visibility of products and a torched wood finish adds antique charm
  • 1 large chalkboard sign provides excellent visibility for sales, pricing and more
  • Ideal for kitchen use, as well as retail settings such as grocery stores and farmers markets
  • USPTO Patent Pending** SPECS: 45 H X 19.75 W X 12 D; Chalkboard - 9.5 H X 18.7 W; Each Tray - 3 H X 18 W X 13 D (in inches)
$185.99 $119.99
Last change:20/12/2019

Leatherette Risers Set by Gems on Display

  • Black leatherette
  • Six individual risers, arrange in numerous ways or stand alone
  • Heights from 1 1/4" to 6 1/8"
  • Measures 4 1/8" diagonally
$20.5 $23.39
Last change:18/09/2019

Combination of Life 3 Steps Acrylic Riser Display Shelf for Pop Stand

  • 3-Tier Step Display Shelf .Material:Clear Acrylic.
  • Great for showing off amiibo,shair accessories or cosmetics,make organizing your jewelry fun and esay to find
  • PLEASE NOTE: We ship with a protective film on them to prevent scratching and damage in transit. Many reviewers seem to have missed that and are complaining about their risers being cloudy or scratched. When the film is removed they are perfectly fine and clear.
$30.88 $33.88
Last change:20/12/2019

MyGift Set of 3 Round Acrylic Retail Display Risers, Dessert & Bakery Stand

  • 8, 10 and 12-inch round clear acrylic risers with metal legs for retail merchandise displays
  • Clear acrylic and brushed metal combination provides a clean modern look for cafes, bakeries, boutiques or home
  • A perfect way to highlight your store goods or use at home to display cosmetics, cupcakes, spice jars and more
  • USPTO Patent Pending**
  • SPECS: Large 5 H × 12 Diameter; Medium - 4 H × 10 Diameter; Small 3 H × 8 Diameter
Last change:20/12/2019

Modern Metal Freestanding Customizable Retail Display Stand with 20 Circular Hooks for Hats and Wigs

  • A metal hat & wig rack with a modern design
  • Features 20 wire hooks with a circular design that helps your hats and wigs keep their shape. Each hook can be installed on whichever peg is desired
  • Perfect for storing and displaying your collection of hats and wigs in your store or salon
  • Official MyGift product. Hats pictured not included**
  • Approximate Dimensions (in inches): 74.75 H X 20 Diameter
Last change:20/12/2019

2 Pack Polished Gold Hanging Bag Handbag Rack Display Stand, Counter Purses Single Hook Adjustable Height Display Stand Rack by YIFU DISPLAY

  • DISPLAY & ORGANIZE ALL YOUR HANDBAGS: This great value kit of 2 high-end hanging purse display stands and 1 microfiber cleaning cloth helps you store your bags. Add a touch of luxurious elegance to your store with this beautifully designed sleek handbag stand.
  • GET A STURDY BAG STAND SET: We make our metal standing hand bag racks of lifelong Stainless Steel, non rust, with a Sleek Gold finish which uplifts the look of any retail space.
  • ADJUST THE HEIGHT FOR YOUR TALL OR SHORT PURSES: With a base size of 5.90" x 5.12", our hall and closet freestanding bag trees are ideal for bags and purses of all sizes, as well as your hat, hair extension, lanyard, accessories and more.
  • ASSEMBLE YOUR BAG RACK IN SECONDS: Attach the hook to the base and your rack is ready to use. Disassemble in no time when you no longer need it, for easy storage. The non-scratch feet on the base bottoms protect your table surfaces.
  • ORDER THIS PURSE STORAGE RACKS KIT 100% RISK-FREE: To help you place your order worry-free, we back our product with our Money Back Promise. If you are not 100% happy, we will send a fast replacement or full refund.
Last change:20/12/2019

4-Tier 4 Round Willow Basket Display with Sign Frame and Sign Clips

  • High quality black matte tube steel frame; (4) four round willow baskets; a sign frame; and (4) sign clips included in box
  • This display is 15"w x 56"h x 16"d; each basket is 15"w x 7"h x 15"d
  • Willow is proven to be more durable and stronger than other basket materials on the market
  • The angled presentation is visually appealing as a décor item as well as perfect for cross merchandising as each basket is easily accessible
  • Sign frame and sign clips are provided for easy labeling and pricing
Last change:13/09/2018
First available:03/09/2017

MyGift 3-Tier Graywashed Wood Chalkboard Produce/Retail Display Stand

  • DISPLAY STAND: Wooden shelving rack for produce, clothing or other merchandise to be displayed.
  • 3-TIERS: Three angled shelves allow contents to be easily displayed on any level.
  • CHALKBOARD SIGN: Erasable chalkboard surface allows signage for products, promotions and sales.
  • VINTAGE DECOR: Whitewashed grey-tone finish lends well to classic and antique inspired decors.
  • SPECS: 49.0 H × 16.5 W × 19.3 D; Shelves - 1.4 H × 15.2 W × 8.0 D; Chalkboard - 15.0 H × 14.4 W (in inches).
Last change:12/11/2018
Last change:20/12/2019

MyGift Clear Acrylic Half Moon Shelf Unit / 3 Tier Tabletop Display Riser

  • A modern small acrylic multipurpose display stand.
  • Features 3 separate risers which, when set together, form a united and elegant whole.
  • A spectacular stand for highlighting your store goods or use at home to display cosmetics, cupcakes, spice jars and more.
  • Official MyGift product.**
  • Approximate Dimensions (in inches): Bottom Tier - 17.75 W x 1 H x 3.15 D. Middle Tier - 11.81 L x 2.75 H x 3.15 D. Top Tier - 5.5 W x 4.92 H.
Last change:12/11/2018

Azar 4-Sided Revolving Pegboard Counter Display

  • Sits on a 9-Inch diameter rotating base
  • Pegboard: 4-Inch W by 4-Inch D by 12-Inch H
  • Translucent Purple
  • Total Height: 13-Inch
  • Perfect for counters
Last change:20/12/2019

Clothing Rack - Black 2-Way - Straight & Slanted Arms with Black Matte and Chrome Accents

  • 48"-72"H 3" Increments
  • 16"L Straight Arm
  • 18"L Slant Arm
  • Base 12" x 15"
  • retail clothing rack
Last change:18/09/2019

Rich DLXS-16ME-24HK6B Floor Display with Metal Tube Frame, Metal Base with Rear Wheels, Wire Grid Panel, and 24 Removable 6" Hooks. Black Powder Coated Finish

  • Practical design - designed with functionality in mind, the dlx-16me features a basic metal tube structure and detachable grid panel to create an effective 1-sided merchandiser
  • Space efficient - with a 16"w x 15"d footprint, this space-efficient general merchandiser is an excellent choice for stores that are tight on space
  • Versatile - the dlx-16me is highly versatile and can accommodate hooks, baskets and shelves. It works for a wide range of lightweight products and works in almost any retail environment
  • Quality and durability - this display is made with high quality steel tubing and wire grid. It features a black powder coated finish and is designed to last for years
  • Economical and easy assembly - the dlx-16me is extremely cost-effective and is designed to provide a strong return on investment. It knocks d for p and is easy to assemble
Last change:20/12/2019
First available:30/11/2017

MyGift Industrial Rustic Wood Jewelry Display Riser Stand

  • RUSTIC INDUSTRIAL: 4-Tier riser display with weathered gray wood platforms and black metal base.
  • WATCH & BRACELET DISPLAY: Each 4-inch platforms are perfect for displaying premium watches and bracelets in retail settings.
  • DECORATIVE ACCENT: Multi-tier stand provides a stylish setting and optimal visibility for small collectibles or objet d'art.
  • WEATHERED WOOD DECOR: Rustic barnwood finish provides dramatic contrast for lustrous and finely crafted jewelry (not included).
  • SPECS: Overall - 5.8 H × 8.7 W × 8.7 L; Each Platform - 2.36 H to 5.8 H × 4.3 W × 4.3 L (in inches).
$27.99 $24.99
Last change:20/12/2019
$25.99 $19.99
Last change:20/12/2019

CAP-8-Black Cap Floor Hat Display with 8 Pockets

  • Sleek design - our cap-8 display's compact design features a footprint of only 14" w x 16" d. This 65" tall stretch cap tower comes with a removable base, 8 wire cap pockets, and a sign holder
  • High capacity - this display can hold up to 64 hats. Each of the 8 pockets comfortably holds 8 caps. The pockets are designed to keep the caps looking good when display is full or half empty
  • Versatile - our cap-8 floor hat display creates a space-efficient, beautiful presentation of your headwear products in many types of retail environments
  • Quality and durability - this display features distinctive wave design in a black finish. We use sheet metal, round metal tube, and cold-rolled steel to ensure they will last for years
  • Economical and easy assembly - in addition to its attractive price, the cap-8 is economical to ship when the base and cap pockets are removed. It assembles with no tools in a matter of minutes
Last change:28/07/2018
First available:05/03/2018

Polmart Medium Duty Adjustable Three Tier Counter Top Spinner Display Stand

  • Versatile - Use as 1, 2, or 3-tier Stand by Adding or Removing Tiers
  • Individually Adjustable & Rotatable Tiers
  • Durable Material - Chrome Plated Steel
  • Medium Duty for Use with Everyday Product
$26.99 $24.99
Last change:20/12/2019

Set of 2- Wire Store Fixture, Countertop Retail Display Rack, 3 Tiers, Open Shelf (Black Steel)

  • 3-tier retail display rack is a high visibility way to display products for sale
  • Designed for counter or table placement in a business or store
  • Measures 12.3"W x 14.1"H x 15"D
  • Made from welded steel wire with a black glossy finish
  • Displays2go SKU#: 3T125WBK
Last change:20/12/2019
$48 $41.32
Last change:20/12/2019

Wire Baseball Cap Display Rack, 12 Tier

  • Stretch cap tower features taller design to fit more product and maximize retail space. Can be configured as a single-sided unit with 12 pockets or a two-sided unit with 24 pockets. Each pocket holds 8-10 caps. Features heavy-duty weighted base, floating pocket design, Sign holder, and knock-down construction for cost-effective ship- spring minor assembly required. Available in black.
  • HIGH CAPACITY - This display can hold up to 120 hats. Each of the 12 pockets comfortably holds 8-10 caps. The pockets are designed to keep the caps looking good when display is full or half empty
  • VERSATILE - Our CAP-12 floor hat display creates a space-efficient, beautiful presentation of your headwear products in many types of retail environments
  • QUALITY AND DURABILITY - This display features a metal construction. We use sheet metal, round metal tube, and cold-rolled steel with a black powder coated finish to ensure they will last for years
  • ECONOMICAL AND EASY ASSEMBLY - In addition to its attractive price, the CAP-12 is economical to ship when the base and cap pockets are removed. It assembles with no tools in a matter of minutes
Last change:20/12/2019

Black 3 Tier Acrylic Cupcake Display Stand Pop Finger Display Stand, Desserts Holder, Collections Organizer and Cosmetic Items Shelf

  • MATERIAL: These acrylic risers are made of premium acrylic, they are perfect for displaying so many collections and commodities, and 4 mm thick make them more stable and durable.
  • SIZE: Every acrylic panel is 11.8" long and 3.1 wide, the height of each tier is 2", the total height is 6".
  • PACKAGE: We use special protect films and envelopes to package each set of products to aviod damage, please rip off the protective film before you use it and you will see a very clean panel not dirty.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND CLEAN: The product can be assembled in three minutes, and it is easy to clean and store when you don't use it.
  • AFTER-SALES GUARANTEE: We will try our best to give you a good shopping, so if you have any questions about our products, please contact us firstly.
Last change:20/12/2019
Last change:20/12/2019
Last change:20/12/2019

3-Tier 3 Rectangular Willow Basket Counter Display Rack

  • High quality black matte tube steel frame and (3) three square willow baskets included in box
  • Basket Dimension- 12.25 W x 3.25 H x 9 D Inches. Overall Dimensions- 13 W x 18 H x 9 D Inches
  • Willow is proven to be more durable and stronger than other basket materials on the market
  • The angled presentation is visually appealing as a décor item as well as perfect for cross merchandising as each basket is easily accessible
Last change:09/05/2019
First available:03/09/2017

SSWBasics 4-Tier Black Countertop Cap/Hat Display Stand

  • 20"H x 16"D x 9¼"W
  • Holds 36-48 Caps
  • 4 Tiers Hat Display Stand
  • Fit on Countertop
  • retail hat display
Last change:09/05/2019

SSWBasics 4-Tier Chrome Wire Spinner Rack (4 Tiers - Space 12" Apart)

  • Floor Standing Rack
  • Pegs are 6"L spaced 71/2" apart
  • 4 tiers (space 12" apart
  • 24-1/2" diameter base
  • storage racks
2nd Place:
Last change:18/09/2019

IHOMECOOKER Clear Acrylic Display Risers Showcase for Shoe Risers Retail Stand Cupcake Stand Dessert Stand ...

  • Conclude 6 pc acrylic risers. Size:8.66*3*4.55in ,8.26*3*3in,7.87*3*1.5in ,each size 4pc
  • Made from 0.15" (4mm) thick, clear, flame polished prime grade acrylic
  • Great display for Retail Stores ,Shoes Display ,Bag Display
  • there is a printed plastic film on all the surfaces to protect the acrylic during shipping Just rip it off and you will see clear stand
Last change:20/12/2019

APL Display Stand 2 Tier/3 Tier Thicken Counter Top Spinner Rack Silver Metal for Malls, Showroom,Retail Store

  • Structure:Adjustable Removable. Great for displaying jewelry and other items online
  • Silver design, simple,fashion, beautiful, more attractive
  • Easy to install, easy to disassemble,easy to maintenance
  • New packaging, thick, bold, durable
  • Both top and bottom tiers features 8 hooks each and spins 360 degrees
Last change:20/12/2019

MyGift Set of 2 Modern Metal Hat Stands, Tabletop Decorative Wig Holders

  • A set of 2 freestanding hat holders with modern style and black finishes.
  • Features a sturdy metal frame in the shape of a balloon for each stand.
  • Perfect for keeping fedoras, wigs, and bonnets stored and displayed.
  • Versatile design is ideal for showcasing rare headwear or merchandising retail products. Hats not included.
  • SPECS: 11.75 H x 6.25 D (in inches)
$26.99 $24.99
Last change:20/12/2019

MyGift 3-Tier Wood & Brass Cupcake Dessert Display Riser

  • MODERN FOOD RISER: Natural wood and brass metal tabletop display riser for home and retail settings.
  • 3-TIER: Three 11-by-4-inch cascading tiers provide ample space for products as well as optimal visibility.
  • SERVINGWARE: A great way to serve guests appetizers, hors' d'oeuvres and desserts at any event, party, or wedding.
  • RETAIL DISPLAY: Ideal for any cafe, bakery, restaurant or boutique to display pastries, desserts and other merchandise.
  • SPECS: 7.1 H × 11.6 W × 12.6 D; Each Tray - 11.6 W × 3.7 D (in inches).
$51.99 $35.99
Last change:09/05/2019

MyGift 4-Tier Rustic Vintage Gray Wood Retail Display Riser Stand

  • Rustic wood commercial riser stand great for showcasing items in your home or retail store **Some assembly required**
  • Features 4 cascading risers for displaying desserts, appetizers, jewelry, cosmetics, and other merchandise
  • Perfect for display on tables and counter tops
  • Weathered wood finish complements rustic and country themed decors
  • SPECS: 20.5 W x 20.75 D x 20.0 H; Each Tier - 20.5 W x 4.5 D (in inches)
$85.99 $55.99
Last change:20/12/2019

SSWBasics Large Rotating Jewelry Card Display - 10" W x 10" L x 25" H - Holds 144 2" W Earring Cards

  • 10"W x 10"L x 25"H
  • Holds 144 - 2"W Earring Cards
  • Rotating Carded Jewelry Displays
  • Assembly Required
  • rotating jewelry stand
Last change:20/12/2019

GIBSON HOLDERS 2A Adjustable Wire Display Easel, 3.75" W x 4" H with 1.5" Display Ledge, White

  • Quantities: Packs of 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12
  • Heavy vinyl coated wire machine riveted for continuous firm tension
  • Lightweight and compact and made in the USA
  • Display anything and everything - books, brochures, plates, artwork, electronics, photos, documents and more
  • Great for home use, museums, retail stores, schools, trade shows, the office
$12.73 $6.7
Last change:20/12/2019

FlanicaUSA T- Shape Style Earring Display 4.75" H - Pack of 6

  • Our Burlap Earring Display set is the perfect solution for your display needs
  • Each set comes with 3 earring stands that are ready for display.
  • These stands are covered in durable, eco-chic burlap to provide great contrast and better context for your natural jewelry.
  • A weighted base helps to keep the stand upright
  • Jewelry not included
$15.66 $18.75
Last change:20/12/2019

2' x 6' Grid Wall Panel Floorstanding Display Fixture with Deluxe T-Style Base, Black. Three-Pack Combo.

  • Three complete floor standing grid display units
  • Includes three 2'x 6' Grid Panels, 3" Grids On Center
  • Includes six T-Shaped bases
  • Strong and durable
  • Color: Black
Last change:09/05/2019

Lynk Floor Standing Pivoting Scarf, Belt, Jewelry Holder - Accessory Organizer Rack - Bronze

  • Dimensions: 14.5W x 14.5D x 58.9H in.
  • Made from epoxy-coated steel
  • Choose from available finish options
  • 9 bars with 360 degree rotation
  • Includes 16 adjustable, removable rings for smaller items
Last change:20/12/2019