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What are boot pegs?

Wellington Boot pegs keep your boots together to prevent them from toppeling over and reduce the chance of you losing one welly (happens suprisingly often).

Unfortunately, you're not going to convince your dog that your welly isn't a play toy. Wellies are fun for both humans and pets.

Either buy or make your own welly pegs. Making your own welly pegs is a fun educational activity for kids. Get some paint. Spend a few minutes painting a few plain pegs. Paint characters, patterns, or write your name on the pegs. Great for school activities - if all the kids bring their wellies to school.

Welly pegs come in wood or plastic. Look for colourful pegs with fun character add-ons.

How can I make boot pegs?

If you're making your own welly pegs, you'll need paint and a few clothes pegs and a few hours to design your own boot pegs.

Wellitop - Clip On Wellington Boot Cover and Carry-Top

We found this interesting plastic welly clip-on gadget on Amazon. It clips on to most medium and large wellies, keeping out the rain and leaves - detering pests and spiders. Keeping boots upright and in pairs or allowing them to be hung-up by a cord. Imagine leaving boots outdoors without fear of insides getting wet or spiders crawling in! Transport muddy boots in pairs to and from the car.

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Wellington Boot Pegs (Molly Cupcakes)

Another interesting boot peg is Molly Cupcakes on the NOTHS website. Never lose "the other welly" again! Keep your wellies together. Makes a great gift. Made by Molly Cupcakes.

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