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Last updated: 23 Nov 2019, 18:43
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    The following products are available from 'Spider Man':

    Spider-Ma, Far From Home Spider-Jet with - Vehicle Toy & 6" -Scale Action Figure

    • Spider-Man vehicle and figure - Imagine Spider-Man soaring above the city with this spider-jet vehicle toy and 6-inch-scale Spider-Man action Figure, inspired by the Spider-Man Movie, Spider-Man: far from home.
    • Spider-Man swings from his web below the spider-jet - Spider-Man drops through the escape hatch to swing below the Jet! Time to get back to Piloting? Reel him back into the cockpit with the pull of a string!
    • Launch projectiles to take down villains - Imagine Spider-Man stopping villains in their Tracks with the blast of a missile projectiles from either of the wings of the spider-jet! (2 missile projectiles included)
    • Spider-Man pilots spider-jet - place a 6-inch figure inside the cockpit to imagine the figure Piloting the spider-jet over the city. (Additional figures each sold separately. Subject to availability.)
    • Spider-Man adventures with 6-inch-scale figures - Expand the web-slinging action with other Spider-Man: far from home movie-inspired figures. (Each sold separately, subject to availability.)

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