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    Rainbow Daze Kids Rubber Rain Boots, Dino The Dinosaur, Waterproof, Green, Little Kid Size 11/12

    • 100% Rubber allows better traction and slip free soles - Natural rubber for flexible upper, plus soft cotton lining to produce comfortable rainboots for your kids, Breathable EVA insole keeps little feet dry and prevents odor even after a whole day playing
    • MADE TO PLAY - Our rain boots are 100% waterproof so kids' feet stay completely dry after a long day of jumping in puddles- perfect kids rain boots, enjoy our boys rain boots, and girls rain boots, for toddlers and kids
    • EASY TO PUT ON - Sturdy,reinforced easy-on handles make putting your child's little feet in a breeze and allows older kids to learn to put on their own shoes. Handles also give parents grab and go convenience; All materials independently certified BPA-free
    • VERSATILE - Perfect for camping, playing at school, helping in the garden, and any other activity where kids get muddy; Our boots are easy to clean - run them under water and they're ready for the next adventure! Fully Waterproof, and anti-slip design. Made with soft, flexible rubber and non-slip tread so boys and girls can run and jump with confidence; Tested to withstand over 100 hours of activity without split seams or leaks; Boots quickly wipe clean after playtime
    • MADE WITH A SPLASH OF FUN: We design our rain boots in the USA with three goals in mind: Comfort, Durability and Fun. For Comfort, we use only cured rubber, and soft linings - no PVC or nasty chemicals. For Durability, we use a waterproofing process to keep feet dry, that also creates a flexible, but durable rain boot for everyday use. And perhaps most importantly (at least to your child), we make them all with a Splash of Fun. Our Kids rain boots come in variety of styles and colors

    Rainbow Daze Girls Rain Coat Jacket,Lady Bug Flower,Waterproof Rain Coat with Hood (4/5, Red Lady Bug)

    • WATERPROOF and LIGHTWEIGHT: Keep your child dry and arm in our Rain Coats. Water resistant and lightweight is the perfect fit and style for your child. Lightweight coat is perfect for fall, spring and all year round
    • WINDPROOF: High neck collar, and fitted cuffs prevent any wind from entering,
    • HOOD & POCKETS: Each rain coat has a hood that helps protect your child's head from rain and wind. Pockets allow your child to store items from pencils, to toys, and more!
    • FULL ZIP: Raincoat is full zip- allowing full zipper closure. Keeps your child warm, cozy, and dry.
    • SIZING: Rain coats come in three sizes for boys and girls: 4/5 typically fits a 3 1/2 to 5 year old. Size 6/6x fits a 5 1/2 to 7 year old. Size 7/8 fits a 7 to 9 year old.

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