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    Meri Meri, Unicorn Garland, Birthday, Party Decorations

    • SIMPLE AND CHARMING DESIGN - This super-cute variety pack comes with 2 unicorns, 6 half pinwheels, and 18 letter pennants.
    • UNIQUE AND VERSATILE - The 4.3 meters of neon ribbon provides enough versatility for any party space.
    • ADORABLE PARTY ACCESSORIES - Change up the decorations with 40 stars stitched on the neon thread.
    • CUTE AND VERSATILE - Sure to be loved by all guests, these garlands have neon and gold ribbon accessories, as well as the message 'I believe in Unicorns.'
    • DURABLE AND SAFE - Save these after your party and reuse them multiple times. Made from high-quality materials. Pack measures 400mm x 150mm x 25mm

    Meri Meri Pink Candles

    • Range of a colored candles ranging from ice, through to salmon pink and magenta.
    • Plastic holders
    • Gold glitter detail
    • Pack size: 60mm x 175mm x 25mm
    • Meri Meri party supplies are lovingly crafted, coupled with passion, to create a unique experience for most any occasion.

    Meri Meri Rainbow Suitcase

    • Set of 2
    • Laminated cardboard with leather handle & metal clasp
    • Neon print & stitched cord detail
    • Large size: 300mm x 220mm x 120mm
    • Small size: 250mm x 200mm x 105mm

    Meri Meri, Birthday Garland, Happy Birthday Gold Garland

    • SIMPLE AND FAB - The Happy Birthday Gold Garland by Meri Meri has simple yet fab 13 letter pennants. Show that fab side of you!
    • GOLD THREAD - Add style to your birthday bash with the Happy Birthday Gold Garland by Meri Meri. It has a pre-strung on 4.3m of gold thread for additional detail.
    • SPARKLY -The Meri Meri Birthday Garland, Happy Birthday Garland has a gold glitter detail, make it look so fabulous and attractive. A great sparkling decoration on your special day!
    • APPEALING - Make your celebration memorable to you and your guests with these very appealing decor!
    • COMPLEMENT YOUR STYLE - Ideal for your happy celebration, let this decor complement your style.

    Meri Meri White Number 2 Candle

    • Candle is covered in gorgeous gold glitter.
    • Available in 0-9, in a variety of cheerful colors.
    • Gold glitter detail
    • Pack size: 55mm x 135mm x 20mm
    • Truly memorable part of a birthday or anniversary celebration

    Meri Meri, Flower Bouquet Garland, Birthday, Party Decorations

    • FLORAL EXTRAVAGANCE - Want to add some floral extravagance to your home or to a party? This beautiful flower bouquet garland is a great way to add some fun, stylish decoration to any party space.
    • STYLISH AND ADORABLE - This super-cute daisy garland comes with 50 beautifully crafted, assorted paper flower and leaf pennants.
    • GOLD FOIL DETAILS - The gold foil detailing will make this garland shine as it hangs up proudly in your party space.
    • LIVEN UP YOUR PARTY - At approximately 2.1 meters, this pre-strung garland with gold braided string will allow you to add some super-cute flair to any party.
    • DURABLE AND SAFE TO USE - Made from high-quality materials. Create a fun, festive atmosphere at your next party. Pack size measures 275mm x 125mm x 95mm.

    Meri Meri Silver Shaker Dress Up Crown

    • Silver leatherette with fine net overlay filled with sequins
    • Glitter elastic with hook and loop fastener
    • Pack size: 105mm x 75mm x 105mm
    • Great accessory for a kid's costume party
    • Charming pretend crown for a wanna-be princess
    Meri Meri Silver Shaker Dress Up Crown

    Meri Meri Rainbow Stickers & Sketch Book

    • 6 sticker pages
    • 32 sketch pages
    • Neon print & silver sparkle foil detail
    • Product Dimensions: 10.25 x 7.625 inches
    • Ideal gift for kids to enhance their creativity
    Meri Meri Rainbow Stickers & Sketch Book

    Meri Meri Dog Pocket Necklace

    • Padded felt dog
    • Attached with ribbon to metallic leatherette pocket
    • Neon thread detail
    • Enamel bead chain
    • Pack size: 80mm x 100mm x 12mm
    Meri Meri Dog Pocket Necklace

    Meri Meri, Party Hat, Glitter & Pompom, Birthday - Pack of 8

    • CUTE AND GLITTERY - Maximise your party fun with these brilliantly silly glitter pompom party hats! In beautifully bold colours, covered in shimmering glitter and topped with hilarious neon pompoms, your guests will be over the moon! It comes with pack of 8 in 4 colors.
    • UNIQUE DESIGN - This crown design is beautifully crafted to ensure a tailor-made party and make sure the celebration is one to remember. The wearable hat is accented with shimmering glitter and topped with hilarious neon pompoms.
    • IDEAL FOR ANY OCCASIONS - Great for birthday party, wedding party, bridal shower, baby shower, graduation party, theme party, festivals, etc.
    • CREATIVELY CRAFTED - Meri Meri party supplies are lovingly crafted, coupled with passion, to create a unique experience for most any occasion.
    • PACK SIZE & DIMENSION - The hat size is 55mm x 165mm x 55mm and the pack size is 180mm x 165mm x 75mm.

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