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    Hot Wheels 20 Cars Gift Pack, Styles May Vary

    • Reward your child-or your inner child-with Hot Wheels cars!
    • This pack is trunkloads of fun with 20 Hot Wheels vehicles included
    • Jump start your collection today!
    • Collectors and car enthusiasts crave these amazing 1:64 scale vehicles
    • Kids love them to play with their track sets or to enjoy push around play

    Hot Wheels Smashin' Triceratops Playset

    • Frustration Free Packaging: Easy to open, 100 percent recyclable, and less packaging waste

    Hot Wheels City T-Rex Rampage

    • Time to get ferocious with Hot Wheels City T-Rex Rampage!
    • A massive T-Rex is taking over Hot Wheels City and taking down the city buildings. Kids are put to the test as they try to take down the massive dinosaur using their Hot Wheels cars.
    • Load your car into the launcher, and then slam into the T-Rex to try to take him down. Aim carefully because if you don't nail it, the T-Rex will destroy city buildings with his thrashing tail!
    • Don't get swallowed by the T-Rex! Hot Wheels City needs you to save the day!
    • Connects with other Hot Wheels City track for endless possibilities- build a world of play with Hot Wheels City!

    Hot Wheels Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Character Cars 6 Pack Bundle [Amazon Exclusive] (GJD19)

    • Hot Wheels celebrates Disney and Pixar's toy story 4 for endless storytelling fun.
    • The beloved cast becomes a 5-Pack of unique and highly coveted character cars.
    • Each character is instantly recognizable with detailed design and authentic deco!
    • The characters are on an adventurous road trip with a few fun detours.
    • Great party giveaway or gift for ages 3 and older. Instant collection!

    Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway Track Set [Amazon Exclusive]

    • Thrilling, high-speed, side-by-side racing action
    • Two kid-activated slam launchers get the race started
    • Pop off characters in grandstands activated by each lap cars complete
    • Finish flag appears to reveal the ultimate racing champ
    • Connects to other Hot Wheels track sets

    Hot Wheels Color Shifters Sharkport Showdown [Amazon Exclusive]

    • Speed down the ramp from the top of the tower, but try to avoid the chomping shark.
    • Hit the release lever to launch captured cars to safety.
    • Features two color-change zones - a dunk tank and splash pool.
    • Comes with a Color Shifters car.
    • Can be attached to existing Hot Wheels tracks and expand boys' racing world.

    Hot Wheels Track Builder System Stunt Kit Playset [Amazon Exclusive]

    • One set with multiple configurations for nearly endless stunts!
    • Kids will love creating and re-creating their Hot Wheels Track Builder worlds with this set
    • Stunting challenges include: Long Jump Challenge, Criss-Cross Challenge, Drop Down Challenge, and Vertical Challenge
    • Includes launchers, orange track, targets and more!
    • And now the package is in the action! Pop out the perforated package to form roadways, jumps and epic fire pits for even more fun!

    Hot Wheels Track Builder Multi-Loop Box

    • With 10 feet of looping and straight track, the possibilities are endless
    • Included storage container doubles as a lift for your track
    • Comes with a Hot Wheels die-cast vehicle for instant fun
    • Kid-powered launcher sends your car flying down the track
    • Combines with other Hot Wheels track sets to create the biggest raceway you can imagine

    Hot Wheels Mega Hauler Truck

    • Easy and fun to load then haul your Hot Wheels vehicles!
    • The massive Mega Hauler can carry more than 50 cars in its six expandable levels!
    • There are even more great features that make this big hauler mega unique- connect to Hot Wheels orange track and roll your cars onto a side-by-side race
    • Layer upon layer, load your favourite cars, lift and go!
    • Built to transport cargo in sleek style

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