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    Educational Posters for Preschool Kids Classroom Learning Alphabet Numbers Shapes Colors Laminated Poster Chart Set 15 Pack

    • 【VIVID COLOR SCHEME】: Bright color schemes and vivid patterns can catch the attention of children immediately. It helps them to quickly establish basic cognitive skills and brighten their eyes.
    • 【VARIOUS CATEGORIES】 This set of posters covers 15 basic knowledge points of daily classifications, including: numbers, letters, dates, times, seasons, colors, shapes, holidays, animals, etc. It is very detailed and specific.
    • 【WELL MADE】 Heavy duty semi-gloss paper can effectively prevent paper damage or rolls; not only can double-sided waterproof film prevent water stains and grease but it can also work with whiteboard pens, chalk, crayons; the right size means that it is also great for reading and learning.
    • 【WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS】 It can be applied to tutoring situations, preschools, online education, daycare, studies, toy rooms, bedrooms, and other scenarios. You can learn anywhere.
    • 【PERFECT AFTER-SALES SERVICE】 If you find any defects, breakages, repetition or other problems with the product, you can contact us for a free replacement, and you experience subsequent upgrade of the product for free as well.

    FYYZY Meteor Shower Rain Lights Christmas LED Decoration Falling Drop String Light Icicle 10 Tube (Warm White, 40cm)

    • NEW UPGRADE: The spiral line was added inside the tube, and the light will be more transparent and fuller. With the control chip rewritten, the "meteor" became longer and more realistic than before. The number of Tubes was also increased to 10, which is more cost-effective.
    • STRIKING EFFECT: The falling lights are like the embers of a firework explosion, they are romantic and perfect for Christmas, weddings, parties, and more. This creative lighting will definitely brighten up your night.
    • EASY INSTALLATION: The lamp is 8 meters long and the cable is 3.5 meters long. Each light bar has a hole and is attached with a rolling strip. It is very convenient to install it, whether it is to a Christmas tree, balcony, window or a fence.
    • SAFE AND RELIABLE: The power supply has been certified by UL. You don't need to worry about getting electric shocks or short circuiting. The lamp and power supply are rated IP65 and IP67 respectively. You can use it safely in any weather condition.
    • EXCELLENT QUALITY: The 480 high-brightness SMD283 chip paired using the double-sided patch manufacturing process is almost the highest production-cost product on the market today. As well as this, it may have the highest brightness level and longest lifespan on the market with.

    Outdoor Faucet Cover for Winter Freeze Protection Socks Insulation Covers Upgraded Medium Size

    • LARGER SIZE Compared with most products on the market, our products are 50% larger in size, so that the faucet can be more closely wrapped. Let the faucet be protected a little more and let you worry a little less.
    • WIDER APPLICATION. Whether it is garden faucet, sprinkler valve, irrigation system faucet, outdoor shower head, it can all be perfectly suited.
    • EASY INSTALLATION. You just need to hold the tap and lock the magic sticker. This is much simpler and more effective than using old towels and tapes or old-fashioned frothing antifreeze covers.
    • SUPERIOR QUALITY. Fabric is 210D waterproof Oxford cloth, wind, frost, rain and snow can not penetrate. The filler is high elastic artificial cotton, which has better heat insulation performance. Pure manual double suture, more compact and durable.
    • AFTER SALE COMMITMENT. Within three months, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can apply for a refund or exchange. If the faucet is frozen and cracked when used correctly, we will indemnify you unconditionally.

    Patato Grow Bags 7 Gallon Garden Planting Bag Aeration Fabric Pot with Handles for Planter 3 Pack

    • AIR PERMEABILITY AND WATER PERMEABILITY, high quality non-woven fabric can not only ensure the air circulation, let the roots breathe freely, but also ensure that excess water can be quickly discharged,At the same time, light color design can also skillfully reduce heat absorption and avoid excessive evaporation of water.
    • SOLID AND DURABLE, we choose the special felt for planting bags as raw materials, high-strength polyester thread is used to sew the interface, additional liner is added inside the handle, there will never be tearing, damage and so on. It can be used for more than three years in the theory.
    • GOLDEN RATIO,After a lot of calculation and demonstration, we have determined a vertical and horizontal ratio which is conducive to the development of most plant roots. This helps to establish a better topological structure in depth and breadth of roots and make plants grow healthier.
    • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS, no space restrictions, gardens, courtyards, balconies, growth boxes can be used normally, handling and storage is also very convenient, whether for beginners or professional gardeners, this is a great set of containers.
    • CLOSE SERVICE, we promise: in normal use, within a year, if there are any quality problems in the product, you can contact us to apply for free renewal. In addition, if you have any questions about potted plants, you can also consult us.

    FYYZY Birthday Candles Numbers for Kids Cake Topper Numeral Candle Party Wedding Anniversary Decorations (4Colors)

    • ELEGANT COLORS: We have customized two different color schemes for boys and girls respectively. The fresh candy color is more romantic and warm for girls, and the elegant metal color is more sedate and mature for boys.
    • SELECTION OF MATERIALS: We use high-quality paraffin and environment-friendly pigments as raw materials. When burning, it will not produce black smoke or other harmful substances, which is safe and assured.
    • PERSISTENT BURNING: We have repeatedly tested the product to determine the best cotton core thickness to make the candle burn more durably, for longer, and with no wax dripping.
    • EASY TO USE: The end of the candle is wrapped with aluminum foil, and you can easily insert them into a cake. It will not ruin the cake but it will make it more hygienic and safe.
    • AFTER-SALES SERVICE: If you find any damage, defects, melting or other problems in the products after receiving them, please contact us immediately, and we will give you an absolutely perfect reply.
    FYYZY Birthday Candles Numbers for Kids Cake Topper Numeral Candle Party Wedding Anniversary Decorations (4Colors)

    FYYZY Plant Trellis Netting Garden Scorg Net for Climbing Plants Cucumber Tomato Raspberry Flowers 6 x 18

    • Polyester Trellis Netting 6'x18' ( 1.8 x 5.0 m) Garden Netting,and opening Mesh: 6" ( 15 x 15 cm )
    • Trellis Netting supports tomatoes, peas, beans, cucumbers, fruit, vines and flowers.
    • Garden trellis netting is versatile and is an affordable way to create a beautiful garden
    • The trellis netting can be cut to size and used vertically or horizontally in your garden for plant support.
    • Easy install garden netting

    Ice Scraper Mitt Waterproof Snow Scrapers Glove Lined for Car Windshield with Thick Fleece

    • WARM AND COMFORTABLE. perfect combination of gloves and scrapers. Outer Oxford cloth is wind-proof and waterproof, inner PP cotton and thicker velvet, which will bring you unprecedented warm and comfortable de-icing experience.
    • UPGRADED SCRAPER.The new scraper is made of ABS plastic, which is firm and tough. The blade is flat and wide. It fits the window perfectly. More importantly, we add sponge cover to the grip, which makes it more labor-saving, comfortable and not freezing.
    • REPLACEABLE DESIGN. Scrapers can be pulled out of gloves. If you need to clean the wheels or sweep snow, you can replace our scrapers with snow brushes or metal scrapers.
    • BUILT-IN ELASTIC BAND. head and tail are installed with elastic band, so that you can use or replace the scraper more convenient and fast, but also to further prevent cold air or snow into the glove interior.
    • GREAT AFTER-SALES SERVICE. each glove of us is manually sewn. At the same time, we have established a strict quality management system, but we can not guarantee that 100% of the defective products will not appear. If you find any problems in use, please contact us in time and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

    Server Books for Waitress with Zipper Pocket Guest Check Holder Restaurant Waiter Organzier Books Fits Order Pad and Apron 5 x 9

    • FASHIONABLE DESIGN: Concise and lively color matching, sky blue with night blue. You can feel the calmness in its elegance. The metallic protectors of the corners improve your taste, and holding it will make you into a sight to behold in the dining room.
    • EXTENSIBILITY: Just the right number of pockets. You can get everything in order, which will greatly improve your work efficiency and make you more confident and calmer.
    • PRODUCT DETAILS: Built-in zipper pockets for easy storage of coins or large amounts of cash, the transparent card slots on both sides are for easy storage of common information, such as signboard features, task lists, today's recommendation, and more.
    • STRONG AND COMPACT: All the pockets have been bound so that they are very compact and there will be no embarrassing cases of torn pockets or missing receipts.
    • CLOSE SERVICE, we promise: in normal use, within a year, if there are any quality problems in the product, you can contact us to apply for free renewal.

    Narwhal Pool Floats for Adults Kids Inflatable Large Swimming Lounge Ride on Raft for Summer Beach Bachelorette Party

    • HIGHLY ENTERTAINING: If you're planning a pool party, this float is the way to go, as children and adults will all want to tame this adorable whale.
    • COMPLETE ACCESSORIES: The package contains a large cylindrical manual air pump as well as an emergency patch, which you can easily use to help inflating the floatie or repair minor damage.
    • DOUBLE VALVE: We have developed a new design for the valve using a backflow preventer with two air nozzles. Even if there is a leak, it will not affect normal use at all.
    • EXCELLENT MATERIAL: The material used is thickened and environmentally friendly PVC, which has better tensile resistance and service life than other materials. The joining adopts high-frequency wave fusion technology, which is more solid and reliable.
    • AFTER-SALES SERVICE: If there is any leakage or burst of the product, please contact us immediately, we will provide you with a free replacement or full refund provided the product was used under normal circumstances.

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