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    Cresnel Stainless Steel Clothes Drying Rack - Adjustable Gullwing and Foldable for Easy Storage - Rust-proof for Indoor and Outdoor Use

    • Original Cresnel brand now with 2017 newly improved quality. Besides indoor use this rack can now withstand outdoor use under direct sunshine or rain without becoming rusty. This rust-proof claim is backed by Cresnel free lifetime replacement warranty.
    • Expansive top planar area of 58" x 24" provides generous drying area for typical household wash load. Hang dry your laundry onto the multiple rails or with hanger for an even larger load. Bottom rack will accommodate shoes and slippers.
    • Weight approximately 7lb it is highly portable allowing it to be moved from indoor to outdoor or room to room easily. When not in used, it is foldable into flat rectangular shape of 40" x 24" x 3" for storage without taking up significant space.
    • Comes fully assembled in sealed plastic wrap. No tools required, just expand the rack into "A" shape and flip up the left/right panel and it is ready for drying action.
    • The long-term energy cost saved from utilizing this drying rack will more than pay for the rack itself. Good for your wallet and good for our environment.

    CRESNEL Velvet Hangers 50 Pack - Extra Strong to Hold Heavy Coat and Jacket - Non-Slip & Space Saving Design Excellent for Men and Women Clothes - Rotating Chrome Hook - Modern Gray Color

    • Original Cresnel brand now with 2018 newly improved quality made of premium grade plastic. It is stronger and more durable than ever. Bendable 180-degree side to side without break. Rest assure that it will steadily hold even the heaviest clothes in your closet, up to 12 pounds.
    • Non-slip velvet surface with grooved shoulder help keep even the silkiest clothes secured on hanger. No more clothes falling off to the ground. Unlike cheap competitor, our premium quality flocked velvet does not shed or stain your clothes.
    • Space saving slim design at 5mm thick, allow you to optimally utilize your closet space. Keep more clothes neatly organized with ease. Although slim in design, it is durable and strong for long lifetime saving you money.
    • Natural shoulder shaped design keeps your clothes look natural without the annoying crease or bump. Save you additional time and effort from ironing. Built-in horizontal accessory bar allows you to hold ties, scarves and necklaces with your clothes all together in one hanger.
    • Swivel hook allow you to retrieve and install clothes much easier and efficient. Cresnel hook is plated with 100% real chrome, not the imitating dull looking steel. The shiny chrome not only rust-proof it also give a sense of luxury look to your closet. Compare ours and competitor side by side and see the difference!

    CRESNEL Mattress Bag for Moving & Long-Term Storage - Full Size - Enhanced Mattress Protection with 5 mil Super Thick Tear & Puncture Resistance Polyethylene

    • The Original Cresnel Brand Super Thick Mattress Bag - 2X thicker and stronger than competitors. Highly tear and puncture resistance against rough handling during house moving process.
    • Size: 54x14x100 inches. Easily cover all FULL variations including XL and pillow-top up to 14" thick. Unlike competitor flat 2D bag, our Cresnel bag open into real 3D shaped customized to fit your mattress snugly.
    • Extra length at 100" allows complete envelopment of whole mattress with overlapping end flap. It can then be sealed tight with packaging tape to keep out dust, moisture and bed bugs.
    • Slightly shaded layer help prevent neighbor and others from seeing the stains on your mattress. Save you from the embarrassment.
    • Newly Improved 2018 Design - No vent holes. Excellent for long term storage, keep your mattress in the condition as before. Fully contained no vent hole bag is required by many local regulations for the disposal of bugs infested mattress.

    CRESNEL Velvet Clothes Hangers with Accessory Bar for Men's and Women's Suit Coat Clothing - Non-Slip Velvet Surface Keep Clothes Secure - Ultra-Slim Space Saving Design (50 Pieces Pack - Black)

    • NON-SLIP VELVET COATING: These non-slip hangers are coated in premium velvet material that provides a natural grip to keep clothes in place. The velvet coated hangers are also gentle on clothing fabrics and will not cause wear and tear.
    • SLIM, SPACE SAVING DESIGN: A slim, space saving hanger design allows room for more clothing in your closet. These thin velvet hangers reduce bulk, making it easy for you to find the exact pieces you're looking for.
    • DURABLE, 360 SWIVEL HOOK: Rust-proof chrome swivel hook can swivel 360 degrees, making it easy to sort and organize your clothing.
    • ACCESSORY BAR MAKES PLANNING OUTFITS EASY: These velvet hangers with accessory bar make it easy to store and organize ties, scarves, and belts. The accessory bar is built into the velvet frame so you can coordinate shirts and ties and other pieces.
    • MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Our velvet coat hangers use a smart design that can be used to hang different types of clothing. This includes rounded sides for shirts and coats, notches for strappy tops and dresses, and a bar for pants.

    CRESNEL U-Slide Clothes Hanger - Non-Slip - Best Value Pack of 50 pcs - Heavy Duty

    • 2019 newly improved quality
    • U-Slide (TM) design allow sliding of clothes into hanger easily without stretching the collar
    • Made durable to holds up to 12 pounds
    • Non-slip silicone strip help keep clothes in position
    • Built-in extra tie/scarf holder

    CRESNEL Furniture Cover Plastic Bag for Moving Protection and Long Term Storage (Sofa)

    • Cover Sofa up to: 92"(Width) x 42"(Depth)
    • EXTRA THICK super duty bag for moving and long term storage
    • Extended length to completely cover whole sofa with double-overlap end flap
    • Sealable with packaging tape to keep out dust, insect and moisture
    • Premium grade 100% new, non-recycled plastic highly durable to withstand rip/tear from moving

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