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    Boppi Tiny Trekker Kids Luggage Travel Suitcase Carry On Cabin Bag Holiday Pull Along Trolley Lighweight Wheeled Holdall 17 Litre Hand Case - Aeroplane

    • LIGHTWEIGHT & STURDY - The luggage cases are built with a lightweight, soft, durable and robust exterior casing. The cases are within the size requirements for cabin bags and weigh only 3.3 lbs, making them ideal aerosafe carry-on or holdall luggage for children.
    • FREESTAND STOPPER - A free-stand stopper allows for the case to be kept upright in a stationary position.
    • POLYURETHANE WHEELS - Soft PU wheels make for a smooth journey through airports.
    • 2-HEIGHT EXTENDABLE WALK ALONG HANDLE - A 2-height extendable walk along handle makes transport easy and suitable for children of varying ages and heights.
    • 17 LITRE CAPACITY STORAGE - Offering a large storage area with holding straps and an inner double zipped compartment for loose items, toys, teddies and valuables. Height: 42cm - Width: 30cm - Depth: 22cm - Weight: 1.5kg. Extendable handle height: 23.6" & 28.3"

    Boppi Tiny Trekker Kids Backpack Travel Holiday Bag 4 Litre Rucksack - Tiger

    • ADJUSTABLE PADDED ARM STRAPS - The bag allows for the straps to adjust to different sized children or as your little one grows and are fitted with a central locking clip.
    • NAME CARD AND STITCHED HOLDER - The backpack comes with an inner name card and stitched holder.
    • LIGHTWEIGHT & ROBUST - A strong but lightweight shell casing and a padded rear (for comfort) gives the backpack durability during trips, travels or trekking.
    • HARNESS CLIP - A harness clip allows for controlling distance when used with the 1 metre walking strap (supplied).
    • SIZES - The inner storage contains a valuables pocket and an elasticated mesh compartment allowing for items to stay secure in the backpack. Height: 10.2" - Width: 10.6" - Depth: 3.9"- Weight: 10.58 ounces - Capacity: 4 Liters

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