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Last updated: 22 Sep 2019, 17:51
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    ACTIVA Silica Gel for Flower Drying 5 Pound

    • Preserve lifetime memories and capture nature's transient beauty of flowers with ACTIVA Silica Gel flower drying compound
    • Specially designed with a very fine consistency, it will absorb moisture without damaging flowers, altering the colors or changing their form
    • Preserve special wedding memories, make home décor and holiday decorations; the process is simple, easy-to-use and fun; a great family project
    • Certified safe and non-toxic, Silica Gel is reusable and doesn't wear out, use it over and over again
    • Complete, easy, step by step instructions included; most flowers dry in 2-5 days, use the microwave method to dry flowers in just a matter of hours

    Activa Men's 15-20 mmHg Dress Socks, Black, Large

    • Activa men's dress socks
    • 15-20 mmhg light support
    • Graduated compression, attractive ribbed dress style, turned welt, non-binding top band, comfortable balloon toe and heel pocket, nylon/spandex

    ACTIVA Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth, 5 pounds

    • A premium quality plaster cloth perfect for craft projects, mask making, jewelry, sculpture, home décor, school projects and science fair projects
    • A fine textured, plaster infused cloth for the finest detail and the perfect outcome; fast and easy to use for any dimensional craft need
    • Cuts easily with scissors; just dip it in water and shape it as desired, dries quickly to a hard, consistent finish
    • Safe and easy to apply, it creates no heat when drying like regular plaster; it sets up quickly and dries fast
    • Accepts finishes beautifully, use any paint, marker or colored pencil; waterproof it with varnish or sealer

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