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    Achla Designs C-55C Hammered Oval Copper tub

    • Updated farm tub design - modeled after the Classic galvanized Steel tubs ubiquitous on every farm because they have a thousand and one uses. These tubs have the same profile but with a stylish Hammered Copper finish for a less rustic look. These handmade tubs are fashioned with two side handles, making them easy to carry. This hammered Oval tub is 31 1/4"L at handles x 15 1/4"W x 11 1/2"H.
    • Galvanized Steel - galvanized Steel has a protective zinc coating which prevents rusting, increasing the durability of these tubs even when used outdoors. These tubs are then additionally plated with a Copper finish.
    • Variety of shapes and Sizes - our galvanized tubs are available in a variety of shapes and Sizes. Mix and match designs for a cohesive decor theme. Choose from round and oval shapes in Small, medium, and large sizes, plain galvanized Steel, copper-plated, and Black finishes, with banded, Hammered, or embossed designs. Refer to the gallery images for finishes and Dimensions.
    • Variety of uses - this Copper tub can be used as an ice bucket for chilling beverages in the summer. The large steel bucket has water-sealed seams to prevent leaking. In addition, the tub can be used to hold firewood during the winter, for container gardening as a vegetable or flower planter in the summer, even a doggie bathtub. If used for direct planting, we recommend drilling drainage holes in the bottom of the tub.
    • Use with Acela Designs stands - the Acela Designs Hammered Oval tub is compatible with our folding floor stand in 19 1/2"H (cwi-04) or 29 1/2"H (cwi-03). whether used for holding chilled drinks at a party or for planting flowers on the patio, these tubs look great when supported on a metal stand.

    Achla Designs Arc Bracket Heavy Duty Wall Hook, 18-Inch (WB-04HD)

    • 18 inches long
    • Black powder coated for a weather resistant finish
    • Mounting hardware included
    • Square Stock

    Achla Designs FB-14 Ring Wrought Iron Metal Plant birdbath Bowl Stand Flowerpot Holder, Black

    • Great for indoor and outdoor use: The Acela Designs ring stand base is a simple sturdy wrought iron plant stand. Indoors, you can use these plant holders to keep Potted plants off the floor, bringing them up to the light and out of reach from small children and pets. Outdoors, Use them to group planters for a container garden, hold a birdbath bowl or decorative garden ball.
    • Versatile: ideally designed to hold your favorite flowerpots or planters, the ring stand can also be used to hold any round container, bowl or ornament. Great for holding for a birdbath or flower vase, Gazing ball, succulent or fairy garden, even as the stand for a beverage dispenser.
    • Hand-forged wrought iron: All Acela Designs decorative plant stands are handmade using fine wrought iron with traditional style and techniques. Because our products are hand forged, exact dimensions may vary slightly.
    • Black Powder coated finish: This plant stand has a Black finish that is powder coated, giving a clean Matte Black finish and offering a weather resistance that is superior to that of paint.
    • Acela Designs: shown with our Acela Designs crackle glass birdbath. See our full line of Acela Designs plant stands for every patio, porch, terrace, deck or Balcony container garden, to fit every style of home and garden décor.

    Achla Designs C-20C Plated Flower Box, Medium Copper Window Flowerbox Planter

    • CLASSIC WINDOWBOX STYLE- These rectangular flower boxes have a rolled edge, embossed lines and a simple classic style. Drainage holes are provided for direct planting flowers, herbs, and edibles.
    • VARIETY OF SIZE AND FINISH OPTIONS- In three sizes, Small (22"L x 6"W x 5"H) Medium (24"L x 9.5"W x 7.5"H) and Large (35.5"L x 11"W x 9.5"D) to fit any window or railing application. Three Patina Finish options- whitewashed Cape Cod White for the coastal garden, stormy Nantucket Blue, classic garden Green, as well as a Copper Plated Finish. Copper Flower Boxes will develop warm natural patina over time that is a perfect complement to green foliage
    • MOUNTING OPTIONS-COORDINATING HARDWARE is available for mounting all size boxes. For Medium Flower Boxes use Achla Designs Wall Mounted Posy Flowerbox Bracket (VFB-05) Twist Flowerbox Bracket (B-06) Wall-Mounted Bracket (SFB-02) and Clamp-On Bracket (SFB-02C) Also fits in our Achla Designs Tabletop Folding Stand CWI-01 for decks or patios.
    • ADD CURB APPEAL-Nothing creates a more welcoming façade than colorful and lush plantings! Give your entry, upper windows, porch railings or balcony a lift with a windowbox garden.
    • CONTAINER GARDENING- Flower Boxes can go anywhere you want to garden in containers. Mount them on deck or porch handrails, use in stands on patio or deck surfaces. Grow a variety of interesting flowers, sculptural succulents, herbs and leafy salad greens for cutting, compact veggies, even strawberries.

    Achla Designs G10-T-F 0000 Solar Powered Colored Glass Globe Light - Outdoor Decor For Garden, Pa, Teal

    • LIGHTS UP PATIO, PATHWAY, OR GARDEN - Achla Designs' Celestial Globes provide magical decorative lighting to any outdoor patio area, walkway, or garden. Each glass ball has a built-in internal LED light bulb with a five- to eight-year life. The LED light interacts with the color of the glass to create an ethereal glow. Add color and light to your garden with these sparkling jewels.
    • POWERED BY SMALL SOLAR PANEL - The Celestial Globe by Achla Designs contains an LED light that is powered by a separate solar panel (included). The two parts are connected by a wire, and the solar panel stakes into the ground. Stake the solar panel in a direction that will allow for maximum direct exposure to the sun. The solar panel contains a lithium battery that charges with sunlight.
    • HAND-BLOWN GLASS - These lighted gazing globes are made from hand-blown colored glass. The Celestial Globes are blown in a layered technique that gives them a crackly appearance over the colored glass and mirror finish while retaining structural integrity. The globes are about 10 inches in diameter, but since they are handmade, dimensions may vary slightly.
    • FIVE ETHEREAL COLORS - Achla Designs makes Celestial Orbs with five different colors of hand-blown glass. Choose between red, teal, lemon drop, fern green, and blue lapis. The LED light bulb inside the glass globe shines through this colored glass, creating a magical glow. Pick a color that matches the aesthetic of your patio, landscaping, or garden.
    • USE WITH ACHLA GLOBE STANDS - Achla Designs makes a wide array of stands that are compatible with these light-up glass globes. Place your Celestial Globe on a ground/floor stand, or on a stand that attaches to a handrail. Each gazing globe has a stem that allows it to sit securely in one of these stands. These stands are made of sturdy wrought iron.

    Achla Designs Great Blue Heron Garden Statue

    • Great for waterside displays: bring the coastal life to your home with heron lawn ornaments. These animal statues are lovely in any garden, but they look especially beautiful in lake house, pond side, and riverside gardens, or near water features. As these majestic animals overlook your serene waters, they'll bring tranquility to your abode.
    • Beautify your yard: heron yard decorations are a handsome addition to any garden. These decorative bird sculptures come in a patina gray and blue-green finish that will nicely complement your other garden decor. The great blue heron stands 43 inches and the stately heron is 31 ½ inches high, tall enough to stand above flowers and Small shrubs.
    • Gorgeous cast aluminum: plumes of feathers are carefully etched, legs are Ridged with texture for a naturalistic appearance. The blue and Grey Verdi finish is a subtle color stands out in your garden and complements the surrounding natural beauty of your plantings. Cast aluminum is durable and long-lasting and will not rust.
    • Secure and stable: heron garden accents come with stakes to anchor in the ground and secure for windy weather. Holes are provided in the feet to insert the stakes. The statue can also stand on its own on a porch or patio surface, even indoors.
    • Who we are: at Achla Designs, we create unique, handmade European garden accessories and furnishings. We continue to add to our exquisite product line each Year, resulting in a large selection of items for you to Choose from for your home and lawn decor.

    Achla Designs WC-01 Brass Metal Small Watering Can Houseplants

    • Functional watering can: beautiful style has the look of an antique accessory but is a functional watering jug. The long spout reaches beneath leaves to deliver water directly to the soil without making a splashy mess.
    • Antique Style: Use this decorative accessory to decorate for your bookshelf or office, and to water an indoor plants. With antique brass finish, you can ditch your traditional, plastic watering can for this handmade, vintage-style piece.
    • Compact accessory: This pitcher is small enough to fit anywhere you have Small plants, but large to make sure your smaller indoor and outdoor plants, flowers, or succulents stay hydrated.
    • Solid Brass construction that is durable and non-breakable, and comfortable to hold and pour.
    • Measures 8 ¾ inches in height and 14 inches in length with a 5 ¼ inch diameter, Holds 1 liter of water.

    Achla Designs OBL-01, 61-in Wrought Iron Garden Obelisk Trellis, H, Graphite

    • VERTICAL OUTDOOR GARDENING: The Obelisk Garden Trellises by ACHLA Designs can be used to add a vertical feature to the garden. The unique shape makes them more attractive than flat, flower-grid trellises or netting. An elegant addition to any outdoor garden bed, or border, or large container planting.
    • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: The Obelisks have a simple design with 4 metal legs that stake into the ground, a series of horizontal hoops and a conical finial. Use them to at an entry, line a walk or pathway, even for wedding décor.
    • FOR CLIMBING PLANTS: Ideal for any type of climbing plant, ornamental or edible- snap pea, runner beans, cucumber, mandevilla, or moonflower, in containers or flowerbeds. Freestanding support can be placed in any area of the home, yard, porch, patio, or garden.
    • STURDY MATERIALS and TWO SIZES: Our airy wrought iron pieces are slim yet strong, providing a strength and longevity that can reliably support your plantings for many seasons. In two sizes, at 61-in H and 85-in H. Designed to ship flat and be easily erected. Compress the legs and the slim profile takes little space to store away at season's end.
    • CLASSIC GRAPHITE CORROSION RESISTANT FINISH: All Achla Designs Trellises are finished with a powder coating that is more resilient than liquid paint. The wrought iron is sealed leaving a hard finish that looks like natural wrought iron, won't chip or corrode easily and will last more than just one season. While the coating is smooth, it still gives your climbing plants purchase as they reach.

    Achla Designs FT-26 Squares Double Pole Wrought Iron Garden Stake Trellis Hanger, Graphite

    • Modern decorative Trellises: the square-on-squares wrought iron garden Trellises by Achla Designs are a contemporary diversion from the traditional Square garden trellis or arbor. With an architecture theme of overlapping right angles, these Trellises provide many points of contact for climbing garden plants to attach. Ideal for roses, Clematis, wisteria.
    • Easy installation- for decorative plant support, slide the two components together, attach the crossbar support and push the four spiked legs directly into the garden soil. Encourage vining plants to work their way up. Two hanging hooks slide onto the pole Tops.
    • For garden beds, along borders, entryways: these Trellises can be used for outdoor vertical gardening in-ground, creating a dramatic border or entryway with both climbing and hanging plants.
    • Sturdy materials, many uses: our airy wrought iron pieces are slim yet strong, providing a strength and longevity that can reliably support your long-term Perennial plantings. Square -on-squares trellis is tall, at 83 ½-in H x 31 ½-in w at hooks. The additional crossbar at the base provides four spiked legs for increased stability. Hang flower baskets, bird feeders, birdhouses, bells or chimes.
    • Classic Graphite corrosion resistant finish: all Achla Designs Trellises are finished with a powder coating that is more resilient than liquid paint. The wrought iron is sealed leaving a hard finish that looks like natural wrought iron, won't chip or corrode easily and will last more than just one season. While the coating is Smooth, it still gives your climbing plants purchase as they reach.

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