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    • EACH HORN MUG A UNIQUE PIECE OF ART: Each of our Viking drink horn tankards is made by hand while listening to Viking metal and singing praises to Thor. Each one of our horn mugs is 100% unique in color and shape and features a sleek finish for maximum authenticity, no two alike! This means your purchase will grant you a horn cup you can truly call your own and take pride that is one of a kind! traditionally crafted handmade
    • GREAT GIFT: Our beautiful Viking drink horn cups come complete with an authentic Medieval style. This makes it a perfect and unique gifting opportunity for everyone who likes to drink beer like a true Viking enjoy a horn mug that they can call truly their own.
    • 100% AUTHENTIC VIKING FEEL: You can now enjoy the authentic design, giant mug and feeling of drinking beer like a proper Viking! Made from a solid piece of horn, it will feel just right in your hands and we GUARANTEE you won't go back to drinking beer any other way.
    • 100% FOOD SAFE COATING: Our handcrafted horn tankard drinkware are made traditionally and with the outmost care for you, the customer. Each horn mug features a carefully coated interior with 100% Food Safe lacquer that is safe and non-toxic.
    • AWESOMENESS: Watch your favorite shows like Game of Thrones or feast like a proper true Viking while drinking a manly chunk with our beer mug like with any good pewter or ancient copper mug! live viking life.

    5MOONSUN5 Shoe Horn Made with Real Horn Handmade. Easy Grip Handle Shoehorn for Men,Women Seniors, Pregnancy, Elderly, Back Pain, Kids Shoes & Boots. Best Gift Idea Home or Travel Use.(8'' Horn)

    • REAL HORN NATURAL SHOE HORN NOT A CHEAP PLASTIC OR METAL SHOEHORN. - Each shoehorn is unique in colour due to the natural horn material makes for a beautiful and solid shoe horn. Approx 8" x Long and 2" wide so it is strong and won't bend. and protect your shoe investment.
    • SMOOTH AND ROUNDED EDGES No Sharp Edges - Perfect Angle for Sliding Feet into Shoes and Won't Damage or Cut into Your Shoe and then Long length of this shoehorn allows you to put on your shoes without bending over or crouching. Easy Grip Handle-Durable lanyard protect your hands avoid hurt.
    • Shoe horn feature an attached leather loop and easily hanging. This loop can be used for storage or enhanced grip while in use.
    • Wide Mouth End for Sturdy and Easy Usage- Perfect for Men, Women, Seniors, Pregnancy, Elderly,Kids,more back pain disability special needs tall people. Perfect shaped curve makes your feet glide into shoes easily.
    • GREAT PRODUCT for men, women, holidays, co-workers, birthdays or any occasion. Classy more like to be added as a surprise when we buy shoe to someone.

    5MOONSUN5's Be Strong and Courageous, Do Not Be Afraid Engraved Compass,The Scripture Joshua 1:9 Engraved Gifts, Confirmation Gift Ideas, Baptism Gifts, Missionary Gifts, Birthday Gifts.

    • Solid Brass Compass Finish With Be Strong And Courageous, Do Not Be Afraid Engraved Compass, Joshua 1 9 engraved gifts, Confirmation Gift Ideas, Baptism Gifts, Missionary Gifts, Birthday Gifts
    • Premium quality handcrafted brass compass and leather case.
    • This Sailing Ship Compass would be the perfect gift for a maritime collector and sailor, or for navigational use
    • Antique Style Compass ships brand new in manufacturers packaging with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
    • Fully functional for finding direction and location, constructed of brass. An antique style reproduction Navigational Magnetic Compass, perfect nautical decor for your desk, boat, or home

    5MoonSun5's Artist Proportional Scale Divider Drawing Tool Professional 9" Long Solid Brass with Heavy Duty Steel Point Executive Promotional drafting gift with Wooden box great tool for art projector

    • Nice item to bring back the look or many years gone by. Traditionally proportional dividers are used to increase or decrease the size of a project. As an example, you may want to increase or decrease the size of project by 50%. By using the 1:1.5 setting you can accomplish this task, and 1:2 setting will either reduce it by 1/2 or double it.
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. artisan-crafted graduation gifts and decorations.
    • The perfect gift for any office, home, or nautical enthusiast, shiny brass
    • How to use video just copy link( https:/
    • Dimensions: 9 x L, with leather pouch Handcrafted - 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Heavy Brass Construction,

    Ox Horn Whisky Tot Cup Nip VIKING DRINKING and GAME OF THRONES Shot Glass set of 5

    • Environmentally responsible home accessory made from genuine natural materials from non-endangered species on renewable source.
    • With a polished and sealed finish this tot is perfect for any cool liquid.
    • Each Tot is as original and unique as the horn it is made from.
    • Handcrafted - 100% satisfaction guaranteed, H x 4 inch
    • Perfect for any Viking looking to enjoy an Ale, Mead, Beer or beverage

    5MoonSun5's Handmade wooden Beer Mug copper Cup Carved Natural Beer Stein Old-Fashioned Barrel Brown Vintage Bar accessories - Wood Carving stark Beer Mug Great Retro Design Beer Tankard for Men 16oz,

    • 100% Pure Copper Handmade Wooden Beer Mug Stein. Its a unique Idea of Having a Copper mug inside a wooden Body. The copper cup inside the wooden casing of the mug will keep the temperature of the beer colder, for a longer period of time during the summer & the temperature of hot coffee or tea in cold winter.
    • Capacity: 16 ounces (0.5 liters). It can be used as a wood medieval mug, stylish renaissance beer barrel mug, grooms or groomsmen gift wood mugs, tankard or stein for beer, coffee, tea or other cold and hot drinks. We love to create fun & awesome mugs for men!
    • NO LEAKS GUARANTEE! Cooper cup insert, which will keep a stable cold or hot temperature of your drinks for a long time. The outside part of this mug is carved from one solid block of wood.
    • Each and every mug is created from 1 piece of solid wood and artificially painted, so the wood grain, color, weight, specifications may have tiny difference, also for this reason every wooden product is a unique artwork.
    • Care Instructions: Do not store wooden goods near the heating devices or leave them in the sun, the wood dries up and later cracks may appear. Best place for keeping wooden goods is in the locker or any other dry place. Do not leave wooden items in a container with water for a long time. Wipe them dry with a towel after each time you wash them. Drying in any drying equipment is contraindicated and leads to deformation and cracking.

    5MOONSUN5's Vintage Navigation Straight Pattern Artist Divider Solid Brass Drawing Tool Professional 7" Long Solid Brass with Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Point Tool for Art Projector with Leather Case

    • Single handed brass dividers can be opened and closed with one hand while performing chart work
    • Makes for an Excellent Gift Idea.Come with a real leather pouch
    • A reliable plotting tool, it provides a convenient method of accurately marking off distances.
    • Looks great as part of a nautical instrument collection or display. artisan-crafted graduation gifts and decorations
    • Handcrafted - 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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