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    4E's Novelty 1 Dozen Fantasy Feather Masks 12 Assorted Styles, Masquerade Masks for Mardi Gras and Halloween Costume Party Favors

    • 12 Mardi Gras Feather Masks
    • Assorted Styles and Designs
    • Fun for Costume and Masquerade Parties
    • Mega Masquerade Feather Mask Assortment
    • Host a fun Mardi Gras celebration with this colorful feather mask assortment. The masks can also be used to glam up special Mardi Gras party costumes.

    4E's Novelty Stuffed Plush Soft Dogs Animals Puppies Bulk Party Favor, Large Stuffed Animals Assortment, 6 inches, Pack of 12, 2 of Each Style

    • ✔️YOUR CHILDREN WILL GO CRAZY FOR THESE BEAUTIFUL ADORABLE PUPPIES, grab our collection of six beautiful lovely plush puppies, which come in 6 types, these puppies are 6 INCHES TALL, big plushy and wonderful, your children will spend hours of fun playing with these set of 6 cute puppies, another classic product of 4E's Novelty.
    • ✔️OUR ASSORTMENT OF COLORFUL PLAYFUL PUPPIES, FROM 4E'S NOVELTY IS MADE OF HIGH QUALITY FABRIC and super strong stitching. You will immediately be able to see the difference between them and cheaper alternatives which fray, and tear and the seams tear apart after several sessions of play, our assortment off puppies will stay string and squeezable for years to come, even your grand-children will have the chance to play with these puppies.
    • ✔️YOUR CHILDREN WILL SURELY LOVE playing with these super cuddly and cute 6 INCHES TALL assortment of puppies from 4E's Novelty, they will spend hours of fun playing around with these pups and laying them around the room in all sorts of poses, they will even drag you in the play asking you to take their picture while they cuddle and tickle their beloved puppies.
    • ✔️This beautiful assortment of colorful smirking plush puppies, standing 6 inches tall are perfect for children to play, and also to put out as nice decoration pieces in your house, on your bedroom furniture or on the living room shelves or the window sills. They add a cuddly warm flavor to your home, and will raise your spirits, especially when sitting at the window gazing out on the vistas in a rainy cloudy day
    • ✔️We fully stand behind every purchase, WE AT 4'ES NOVELTY CARE DEEPLY ABOUT OUR CUSTOMERS, and strive daily to fulfill our mission scouring the world looking for cute toy and play products, in order to serve our customers with high-quality durable stuff they and their families will enjoy for long years

    4E's Novelty Water Sports Bottles for Kids & Bikes, Pack of 12 Bulk, 7.5 inches, Great Summer Beach Accessory, Neon Colors - Holds About 18oz of Water

    • The most important thing when leaving in a summer day to go joy rock bike and have fun with your beloved children, remember to take with you these beauties adorable Hard Plastic Water Drink Bottles, so your kids won't get dehydrated after playing biking and running a while at the park in a broiling summer day,
    • Don't wait until your kids getting thirsty Hang it on their hands with the carrying strap, and they will have fresh water while jumping running and playing in park
    • Are you a Teacher for Students? a Mom to Kids? Here is the way how to keep them active fresh and full of energy in the Hot Boiling Summer days while playing outside
    • You will get a pack of 12 Hard Plastic Sports Water Bottles, 4 Bright Sharp Colors, 3 of each, length 7.5 inches, comes with carrying strap, and a pop top,
    • Made of High Quality Adorable Material, so it will last for a long time

    Folding Handheld Fans Assortment For Kids, Bulk Pack of 48 Colorful Paper Fan Party Favors 10" - Great Prizes For Fun Parties - By 4E's Novelty

    • VARIETY YOU'LL LOVE: You Will Get A 48 Pack With A Variety of Colors and Designs, All Measures 10 Inches.
    • Camping or weekend at the beach, day at the park or out in the yard, these foldable fans make each moment incredibly fun. Simply fold away, easily carry the fan in your pocket or bag, and whip it out when you want to cool off.
    • PERFECT FOR GIVEAWAYS AND FILLERS - Add this to your reception, catering, or kiddie celebrations interior designs! Eye-catching and gives an underwater vibe around the place. Great bag stuffers and a nice present for family, friends, and workmates.
    • Made from top materials, 100% non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. Plastic handles and thick paper.
    • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, We will refund you or ship you a replacement if You have any issue with the order.

    4E's Novelty Pack of 144 Cute and Happy Looking Little Vinyl Goldfish Party Favor, Carnival Game, Kids Craft, School Project, Summer Party's, Assorted Colors

    • 144 Adorable goldfish per package.
    • 1 3/4" long and approximately 3/4 ″ tall..
    • Made of plastic.
    • Will keep your Kids entertained for hours.
    • These goldfish are perfect for bath time fun or using as table decorations for an ocean themed party

    Mini Zombie Head Popcorn Boxes BULK 48 Pack - Halloween Zombie Themed Birthday Party Favors Supplies for Kids Event Decoration - 3" x 3" x 4" By 4E's Novelty

    • Bulk pack of 48 Mini Zombie Head Popcorn Boxes.
    • Spruce up your undead ambiance this Halloween with these Mini Zombie Head Popcorn Boxes.
    • Who needs brains when you've got popcorn. You can even fill these zombie popcorn boxes with your favorite Halloween sweets and place around your haunted house for guests to gobble up goodies galore.
    • Size 3" x 3" x 4". 48 Pack
    • Contact The seller if you have any issue with your order.

    4E's Novelty Small Plastic Sand Bottles with Cork, 2 oz, Arts and Crafts Jars, 3 inches Pack of 24

    • Pack of 24 small bottles made for arts and crafts kids activitys
    • Great party favor
    • Great Quality
    • Comes with a Cork
    • 2 oz - 3 inch

    4E's Novelty 12 White Sailor Hats Fits Adults and Some Kids, Dress Up Party Hats

    • Set of 12 white Sailor hats - 100% Polyester.
    • Great for cruises, vacations, fishing, sailing, pretend play, theater performances and more
    • Fits most adults and bigger children. Aprox 21" in circumference. Can be adjusted with a bobby pin to fit smaller heads
    • A nifty fashion statement conjuring up adventures on the high seas. Hat Size
    • Awesome party hat for a nautical themed birthday party, bachelor and bachelorette parties, costume parties, dress ups or any occasion!

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