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    12-pack MEDICAL GRADE Baby Caring guards from Paris Babyhome-Clear Furniture Corner Protectors-Child Proof Corner Safety

    • 1. MEDICAL GRADE material: 100% NON-TOXIC and SAFE FOR YOUR BABY- Our corner guards are made of MEDICAL GRADE PVC, which is DOP/DEHP free and shows a bit blue, ideal material for medical devices like drug delivery, surgical tool/ package etc (Note: DOP/DEHP finds in most other PVC materials to make product soft and low cost, but identify health effects such as cancer or birth defects.)
    • 2. NO pungent odor of plastic, rubber and foam.100% non-toxic - Even if your child would bite the product, no risks of health
    • 3. STRONG STICKINESS GUARANTEED - Thicker gel-like adhesives are made with special design mold and can fit best for our corner guards and cover 98% area of the inner wall and bring stronger sticking - We have well tested them for you on flat and clean surfaces with right angles like glass, metal, plastic and wood corners at home. Over 5 years and 80,000+ families tested and approved the glue strong stickness( ( Not the cheap false 3M tape with blue/red 3M words on the tape back paper )
    • 4. FLEXIBLE corner protector and EASY Installation -Effectively absorb sudden bump and protect your baby from painful injuries of sharp furniture/ table corners
    • 5. TRACELESS ADHESIVES - NOT ONLY keep the corner protectors fastened, BUT ALSO are easy to remove without damaging your loved furniture - Heat the corner protectors with a hair dryer after 1-2 minutes and make adhesive soft, then peel off slowly from one side. - If adhesive residue remains on the surface, you can use rubber ( yes, simple and general rubber) and gently wipe the surface for final cleanning up

    2 Pack Baby Bath Cap Leak Proof Baby Bath Visor Baby Bath hat Baby Shower Cap- Gift Box Package ... (Blue and Pink) (Pink and Green)

    • WORKABLE: Water and Shampoo blocking, no more fighting and tears, stress-free hair washing.
    • SAFE MATERIAL: Food-grade silicon elastic part, The elastic ring part is made of food-grade silicon, real super soft and more comfortable for kids wearing. It is not like the fake rubber material with tight feeling and bear artwork in market. The visor part is made of durable non-toxic friendly PP plastic. BPA and phthalates free, odorless and non-toxic, non-allergenic
    • NON-SLIP FIT: With a flexible strap and adjustable buckle, the bath cap can ensure Non-Slip fit whatever head shape and size..
    • LEAK PROOF: 1. No gap design, completely sealed around the child's face and ears with soft food-grade silicon area of the cap. 2. Durable PP plastic visor can keep shape of the cap, no bend or swayed as other cheap EVA sponges and vinyls batch cap. The light weight design can also make your childs more comfortable during hair washing.
    • VERSATILE:The cap can also be used as a sunshade or a haircut visor as a smart and fashion mom's choice.
    2 Pack Baby Bath Cap Leak Proof Baby Bath Visor Baby Bath hat Baby Shower Cap- Gift Box Package ... (Blue and Pink) (Pink and Green)

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