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    GREEN MOUNT Watering Wand, 24 Inches Sprayer Wand with Superior Stainless Head, Perfect for Hanging Baskets, Plants, Flowers, Shrubs, Garden and Lawn

    • IDEAL CHOICE. The Greenmount sprayer wand is ideal for watering bushes, gardens and shrubs. It does have a nice curve along the wand and gives a nice and comfortable shower angle when watering plants.
    • NEW DESIGNED SHOWER HEAD. Especially 661 holes are perfect for delicate flowerbeds and seedbeds. The head is fully removable which allows to break down to pieces then clean the clogged parts.
    • EVERYTHING IN REACH. Hose wand allows you to water over, under, and around where traditional nozzles can't reach.
    • LABOR-SAVING DESIGN. At the front bottom of the handle there is a hold-open clip for continuous spraying without tiring out your hand.
    • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL. Made with aluminum for a lightweight and durable use; Has a rubber foam over the tube for additional protection at the natural wearing point.

    GREEN MOUNT New Patent Garden Hose Nozzle, Heavy Duty Water Nozzle, High Pressure Fireman's Nozzle with Ergonomic Handle for Women and Children to Water Lawn and Garden

    • Large On and Off Handle: The fireman water hose nozzle lever controls water flow and on/off function. Easy to grab, the hose spray nozzle is great for people with weak grips and arthritis
    • Water Nozzle Heavy Duty: With robust metal construction, the fire hose nozzle can withstand rough use. Shock absorbing TPR rubber and thick ABS ensure durability in tough working conditions
    • New Patent Spray Patterns: 3 Mist Jets & Mesh Shower Head. 3 mist jets provide greater coverage and spray distance. Metal mesh shower offers gentle water spray for delicate plants. Change six spray modes to go between powerful high pressure jet stream to a soft shower
    • Bonus: Detachable filter mesh for cleaning the clogged dirt away and rubber handle for non-slip grip and comfort. Hose nozzle spray fits all standard garden hoses
    • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Every GREEN MOUNT spray nozzle enjoys a 12-month worry-free guarantee and 90 days money back

    GREEN MOUNT GM-04060 50ft. Garden Flat Soaker Hose, More Water Leakage, Save Time, Metal Hose Connector Ends, Premium Heavy Duty Hose 1/2'' (inch) x 50' (feet), Perfect for Flower beds, Seedling

    • MORE WATER LEAKAGE FOR TIME SAVING- The patented soaker hose water leaks at the rate of 2 gallons per 2 minutes at regular 10 PSI which outperforms most of the current recycled soaker hose on the market. The water is distributed out evenly along the whole hose, since it is made of PVC material instead of recycled rubber which causes uneven amount of water permeates on the both ends of the hose
    • FLATTEN SIZE FOR EASY STORAGE- The compact design only takes up 0.15 ft3. It saves the storage space and time sorting out the hose after work. Easy to carry and set up for women and children
    • EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE AND VERSATILE- High degree of tensile strength that makes the hose more durable in the hot summer. You can also place the hose where you want water to be, either above the ground surface or beneath the layers of leaves or soil.
    • UNIVERSAL CONNECTOR FOR MULTIPLE CONNECTIONS- The corrosion-resistant end caps allows to connect to other hoses at the same time. The 1/2 inch diameter fit all kinds of hose thread and water faucet
    • CUSTOMER SATISFATION GUARANTEE- Shop with confidence. WE STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS. All products are produced with environmental-friendly and carefully monitored before sending to our customers. Any questions about the products, please contact our 24 hours customer service at GREENMOUNTFEEDBACK@OUTLOOK.COM. We are happy to serve you again

    GREEN MOUNT Water Hose Nozzle Spray Nozzle, Metal Garden Hose Nozzle with Adjustable Spray Patterns, Perfect for Watering Plants, Washing Cars and Showering Pets

    • DURABLE & ROBUST. GREEN MOUNT water hose spray nozzle is definitely made of premium zinc alloy, robust and much stronger than plastic water nozzles. This spray nozzle also has a high quality anodized finish to prevent rust, corrosion, and wear
    • LIGHTWEIGHT & FUNCTIONAL. Our garden nozzle is small and lightweight, but the various sprays have all the power of a heavier product. Adjustable spray patterns from a gentle shower to a powerful jet great for all-purpose cleaning
    • EXCELLENT DETAIL DESIGN. GREEN MOUNT water hose nozzle features a nice integrated trigger lock bar at the top of the handle that keep the water flowing without applying any pressure. The black shock-resistant rubber dial protects the hand sprayer from accidental impacts. The pistol grip handle with TPR rubber is slip-resistant and comfortable to hold
    • LEAKPROOF & FLEXIBLE. The hose nozzle sprayer is insulated with rubber washers to prevent leakage, saving unnecessary water. It can be easily attach/detach from all standard garden hoses.
    • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFATION GUARANTEE. Every GREEN MOUNT product enjoys a 12-month worry-free guarantee and 90 days money back guarantee

    GREEN MOUNT 50ft Expandable Garden Hose, Lightweight Flexible Water Hose with 8 Function Spray Nozzle, Ultimate Non Kink Hose Easy to Storage

    • ADVANCED QUALITY GARDEN HOSE. The outer tube of the water hose is made of elastic rubber and strong special multi-dragon yarn, and the wear-resistant and pressure-resistant of inner tube adopts strong TPE composite material.
    • DURABLE DESIGN. The sturdy retractable hose is built to work with a minimum water pressure of 40 psi and a maximum of 200 psi, with 100 psi optimum. Our extendable garden hose can bear high temperature up to 50℃ and the temperature does not freeze in water tubes at -20℃ below zero. It works with any water supply.
    • FLEXIBLE & PORTABLE. When the faucet is opened, the length 25 feet extends to 50 feet and can reach to the any corners of the garden. The water garden hose is fully retracts to the original length in minutes once water is off. The flexible and expandable garden hose 50 feet will never kink, twist, burst or get tangled up while in use, easy to handle and storage.
    • ADJUSTABLE SPRAY PATTERNS. This garden hose nozzle features all-in-one thumb control. Adjusts a complete water flow range from on to off without going back to the faucet, helps reduce hand fatigue and ensures no more sore hand from squeezing a trigger for long hours of work. 8 sprays to meet every watering and cleanup need.
    • 100% Customer Satisfaction. Every GREEN MOUNT product enjoys a 12-month worry-free guarantee and 90 days money back.

    GREEN MOUNT Garden Hose Nozzle, Fireman's Hose Heavy Duty Nozzle, High Pressure Sprayer with Ergonomic Handle for Arthritis

    • Large ON and Off Handle: This fireman water nozzle features a large switch handle. Perfect for arthritis people and easy to grab and operate
    • Heavy Duty Water Nozzle: Built with premium solid metal for many seasons of rough use in any tough conditions. Robust and stronger than any other cheap plastic nozzles. Every single item meets top industrial standard before shipping out
    • Leak-proof and Flexible: The fireman hose nozzle is coated with high quality rubber to ensure hands are insulated from cold metal or hot/cold water run through it. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use for long time of use
    • 3 Spray Patterns for varieties of use: Fireman hose has 3 watering spray settings: Jet, cone and full functions. From garden watering to cleaning driveway or car washing. This is perfect for it
    • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Every GREEN MOUNT spray nozzle enjoys a 12-month worry-free guarantee and 90 days money back

    GREEN MOUNT New Powerful Flat Garden Hose, 600 PSI High Pressure Washer Hose, 50 Feet Upgraded Lightweight Water Hose, Perfect for Household and Professional Use

    • ADVANCED MATERIAL. GREEN MOUNT use an impact-resistant PVC and other composite materials to make the inner tubes of the lawn hose. The outer tubes is made of high tenacity tadoron and weaves in one-piece completely seamless weave, therefore our high pressure hose will no doubt withstand water pressure up to 600 psi (42kgs).
    • FLEXIBLE & PORTABLE. The new garden hose 50ft is lightweight (approx. 1kg) with small volume, and flat tube design occupying no space, easy to maintain tidiness and storage. The hose will not be rigid and awkward, it is easier and maneuvering for irrigation in the garden, car wash, bathing your pets.
    • STURDY & DURABLE. The wear resistance of the powerful water garden hose is not easy to be pierced by sharp objects when dragged around the garden. And water can still circulate when accidently folded while in use.
    • NO MORE LEAKS. The joint part of our powerful flat hoses are reinforced with ABS non-oxic plastic material. Due to the non-kink hose have heat and cold resistance, so they can not only automatically air-dry within 24 hours but they are also not breeding bacteria or moss.
    • 100% Customer Satisfaction. Every GREEN MOUNT product enjoys a 12-month worry-free guarantee and 90 days money back.

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