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    Fabugears Kids Raincoat | Boys, Juniors, Youth Waterproof Rain Jacket | SnapOn Closures | Hooded and Long Sleeves with Reflectors | Full-Length Rain Slicker | Size: XXL (17-18) Color: Black

    • MATERIAL AND WEATHER USE: This Fabugears RainCoat is made out of vinyl 100% Waterproof and put together with a very strong thread it should be able to survive from the rainy to windy weathers.
    • THE PERFECT SIZE AND COLOR: These rain coats come in sizes from small to XXL for ages 5-6 to 17-18 years old it also comes in 3 colors to choose from Navy, Pink, and Black.
    • FEATURES: - Full Length till after the knee to protect from the rain, - Long Sleeves, - Snap-on Buttons closure, your child should be able to put it on and off and close it easy and alone, - and a special snap on button by the neck, - Comes with a Loop for easy hang on a hook, - A Name Tag to write the name and number it should not get lost.
    • REFLECTORS TO KEEP SAFE: Specially designed reflectors on the bottom and on the sleeves to protect you or your child while walking on the street in bad weather or in the darkness of the night.
    • FABUGEARS RAIN COAT FOR YOUR KID: Special nice design and stitching to give the look and feel as a full-length comfortable rain jacket.

    FabuGears Waterproof Quilted Mattress Pad | Mattress Cover Protector For Camping, RV, & Campers | Cot Size 30"x 75"x 10"

    • 100 PERCENT WATERPROOF COTTON - The Fabugears mattress pad is made of high-quality, quilted cotton, providing an incredibly comfortable sleeping experience. What differentiates our mattress topper from other cotton ones is that ours is waterproof. This means that the material doesn't soak up any wetness or moisture which could seep into the mattress and ruin it. Even more amazing is you won't feel like you're sleeping on anything but soft and luxurious cotton.
    • PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURES - Whether you live in your motorhome or go on frequent camping excursions, this camp bed mattress pad is a must-have. It protects bedding from excessive moisture, water, or accidents. It's also sweat-proof, so it will wick away moisture and keep you from sweating due to its high-quality material. This fabric will have you waking up feeling refreshed and dry. You also won't need to worry about your bedding being damp for the rest of the trip.
    • EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN A MATTRESS PROTECTOR - Many of the waterproof cover pads on the market are difficult to care for or don't meet all the standards you want in a versatile mattress cover. It's hypoallergenic so there's no need to worry about an adverse reaction and it's machine washable so you don't need to worry about maintaining its integrity.
    • EASY FIT AND STRETCH - These fitted mattress toppers and pads are 30" x 75" x 10", making them the perfect size for cots, RV beds, and blow-up mattresses. They can stretch up to 12" in thickness of the bed, mattress, or pad. The material is stretchable so they can fit most outdoor types of bedding, yet the material is so durable you don't need to worry about tearing or overstretching the cover.
    • GREAT FOR KIDS AND ANIMALS - This mattress protector isn't just for people enjoying nature; it's also great for babies who drool and have accidents in their sleep, kids who are potty training, and animals that have incontinence issues. Because of the sizing of the urine mattress protector, it fits nicely over dog beds,cribs, and little kid beds. Protect your expensive bedding from accidents with the Fabrugears mattress cover.

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