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Hi and welcome to Bootkidz. This page has links to a selection of Wellington boot stands available to buy on-line.

Welly Rack Benefits

Welly racks help your wellies dry faster and last longer.

Dry wellies last longer and are more odour free.

Note: Rubber should not be exposed to UV light (sunlight). Place the boot stands in the shade where possible.

Oak Wood Boot Stands

Boot stands made from oak are perfect for drying and airing Wellington Boots. Oak is an attractive, durable, strong wood that is widely used in furniture manufacturing. Oak is resistant to fungal and insect attack due to its high natural tannin content. Note that the colour of oak will change if left untreated and left outside in the sun, wind and rain. We advise to keep oak furniture inside or in a shaded protected alcove away from the elements.

Pine Boot Racks

Pine has certain properties that make it well suited to furniture manufacture due to it being fast growing, sustainable, eco-friendly - making pine groves and forests easy to replace.

Note: When looking for pine furniture (including pine boot racks) - the pine should be treated to prevent insects nesting in the wood.

Metal Boot Stands

Metal Wellington boot stands are used to dry wellies. Metal stands are typically stronger than wooden stands. Typical metal boot stands have short metal poles with a round ball at the end to hold a boot upside-down.

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