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Kerbal Space Program

"Kerbal Space Program" (KSP) is space simulation software made by Squad. KSP lets you build and launch rockets into Space. Download Kerbal Space Program onto your Mac, Windows, or Linux (including Ubuntu) computer. Download

Kerbal Space Program has a community driven wiki for sharing and learning about space science - see here.

Kerbal Space Program is an amazing educational game. Here are some ideas:

  • Re-live and learn about the challenges of the early space pioneers
  • Build rockets!
  • Use parachutes to land
  • Learn to orbit Kerbol (the home planet)
  • Visit the "Mun" (similar but smaller to the Moon)
  • Build orbiters, landers, and return vehicles
  • Run science experiments in space and on distant planets
  • Use science to earn more technology
  • Learn about orbital mechanics
  • Learn about aero-dynamics (thrust, centre of mass, center of lift)
  • Build space planes
  • Build an orbiting space station
Kerbal Space Program

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