L'Aigle Wellington Boots

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About L'Aigle Boots

L'Aigle is a famous brand of French boots. L'Aigle means 'The Eagle' in English.

History L'Aigle

L'Aigle has a long history of boot manufacture. The industrious Hiram Hutchinson established the first L'Aigle factory in France.

The starting point was in 1852 when Hiram Hutchinson purchased the patent for manufacturing rubber boots from Charles Goodyear.

In 1853, Hiram Hutchinson established 'Compagnie du Caoutchouc Souple' (Flexible Rubber Company).

At first, the company made rubber shoes and boots to replace wooden shoes used by the Dutch field workers of the late 1800's. Later L'Aigle would produce some of the worlds finest rubber boots.

L'Aigle is one of the oldest rubber boot manufacturer in the world - but only 4 years older than the North British Rubber Company which became Hunter Ltd - the famous British rubber boot brand.

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L'Aigle Wellington Boots