Ladybird Wellies

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Ladybirds(UK) or ladybugs(in the USA) are also called lady beetles by scientists.

Ladybirds have red, orange, or yellow wings covered in black dots. Ladybirds are useful creatures helping to protect plants by eating the aphids that eat the leaves of plants. Ladybirds are seen in May - which is their breeding season.

For the remainder of the year, they hide in warm ventilated places - such as cracks in wooden walls, under leaves, or indoors behind books on bookshelves. Ladybirds hibernate during the winter.

Ladybird Outline (for colouring-in)

Ladybird Wellies Outline (for colouring-in)

Ladybird Wellies

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Cute Starry Kids' Rain Boots Red Ladybird Children Rainy Days Shoes 16.5CM

  • Rubber anti-slip rain boot.
  • Color: red.
  • Size: 16.5cm.
  • Please choose the best fitness size for your baby according to its feet's length.
  • We offer the Highest Quality and Lowest prices Guranteed!!
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