Kids swivel chairs

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Last updated: Wed Jun 29 06:19:00 BST 2022

Where can I buy swivel chairs for kids?

Amazon has a short list of children's swivel chairs (UK).

For delivery to the USA see this link from

Here are a few more suggestions:

Grown-up Swivel Chairs

Office workers have been using swivel chairs with castor wheels to increase productivity, to reduce lower back muscle injuries, and to provide comfortable work conditions for many years.

Why buy a Swivel Chair?

Here are a few thoughts to consider when buying swivel chairs for children.

  • Swivel chairs are more ergonomic than normal chairs.
  • Swivel chairs allow you to turn without having to twist your back or neck whilst you are seated.
  • Swivel chairs usually have more flexibility than normal chairs and allow a person to move in a less restricted way.
  • Swivel chairs with wheels allow you to move small distances without having to stretch
  • Children's swivel chairs are fun, clever, and stylish - all at the same time!

Swivel Chairs for Kids