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Hi and welcome to, a small design company based in London. This page has links to garment rails, sometimes called garment racks. Garment racks usually have shelves for shoes or bags.

Garment rails are used for clothes storage in bedrooms or for hanging and drying clothes.

Retail clothes shops use garment rails for displaying or storing clothes. When used for storage garment rails many times have a protective plastic or fabric covering.

Where can I buy garment rails for hanging clothes?

Caraselle is one of the oldest and most trusted websites for buying garment rails. They have many years of experience in product design, product selection, and product manufacture. They specialize in clothes racks, rails, and other accessories. See their website here: Caraselle also sell on, so if you have an account with Amazon then its really easy to buy! See Caraselle on here.

See this complete list of all garment rails on

For visitors from the USA see this link.

About Garment Rails

Garment rails help store clothes; helping organise clothes, keeping them neat and ready for wearing. Garment rails have a horizontal bar to hang different types of clothes including coats, jackets, shirts, and trousers.

This example shows a classic garment rail - 1.6m high with shoe-rack and castor wheels to allow for easy movement.

Garment rails can typically store more coats and jackets than coat stands, and garment rails are more stable. Garment rails are used in businesses and clothes shops where there is a high turnover of items on the clothing rail.

Garment rails are also useful for carrying clothes, being used by many dry cleaners and clothes shops - for this reason, garment rails usually have wheels or castors.

Heavy Duty Garment Rails

When looking to buy a garment rail, make sure that the horizontal bar is capable of holding the weight of the clothes, as many garment rails can only support a few kilograms. Remember coats are heavy, for typical garment rails - look for the rail being capable of holding between 200 to 500 lbs or approximately 100 to 250 kgs.

Garment rails usually have wheels to allow shop-keepers to move large amounts of clothes easily around the shop for visual merchandising reasons (to change the layout and presentation of the shop).

When you have purchased the garment rail ensure the horizontal bar is strong enough for the clothes. Read the instructions or see the label on the garment rail to see what maximum weight the rail can hold.

Garment Rails